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The Baseball Team
The Baseball Team

After years of seeing how baseball mostly in the big leagues connects to high schools and their schools and mostly to the kids, throughout the years and past decade, we have been seeing the difference in baseball and how it has been changing throughout the years. Some examples that mostly changed the game in baseball and how it is today in the big leagues and now knocking little by little in high school baseball.

JV players huddling up and coming up with strategies on their first game of the season

An example of how it has been changed by technology is that technology mostly changed the game of baseball by having these crazily improved baseball equipment to social media also plays a big role. In an article (Linked In) it states how social media has an impact on high school athletes wanting to play at the next level. Some examples talked about in that article are exposure and visibility, Highlight Reels, Personal Branding, Scholarship Opportunities, and Community Support.

With that being said, we interviewed 3 students from the Torres boy’s baseball team on how baseball is and how it connects to us. The first person we interviewed is Adrain Lopez he is in the 12th grade and is a varsity player for the Torres baseball team. The other person I interviewed is Abrahams Ramos he is a 9th grader and varsity player for the Torres baseball team. The last person I interviewed was Jorge Govea he is an 11th grader and is in junior varsity (JV) for the Torres baseball team. We asked these 3 people 5 questions to sum up their responses and opinions on baseball in general.

The boy’s varsity players huddling up together fighting for their first W of the season

As I was seeing their responses we can see these players have in common but there are still differences in their response. One example from these people’s responses, Adrian and Jorgae state that they both agree on how resting is important, “Getting good rest is the best thing for a player because it can help their body after an intense training or game.” is what torta response to one of my question. Same question and Jorge also agrees with Adrain  by saying “I think there needs to be a balance between rest and playing but I do think rest is very important.”

But here comes Abraham saying “I don’t think that rest matters to me anything can happen when having a lot of rest… But I think ret doesn’t matter but the player does.” This shows how Abraham mostly relies on the player itself on how it responds to the obstacle, meanwhile, I believe Jorge and Adrain have had experience of when they had fully been rested. Another great question I had told them on them thinking if baseball has been changing throughout the years, and by the looks of their responses it looks like they all agree that baseball has been changing. Adrian says “It has from basic rules to this over the selection of things you cannot do from throwing simple balls (pitches) to throwing knuckleballs and sliders.”

From Jorge’s response, he says “Yes like everything baseball is changing and evolving in many ways.” In Abraham’s response, “I think baseball has been changing over the past years. Stuff has been changing like how hard someone can throw a ball… but now there are lots of people hitting 103mph like nothing! Other things have changed like pitching stances, technology access, gear, and more.” These amazing responses show how they all think the same about how baseball has come a long way which could be why is grabbing more attention. Now that we were mentioning gear another question we asked them was a big question, Do you think baseball is becoming safer or worse as the years go on?

With these similar answers once again but different at the same time it states  by starting with Adrain saying “The more young teenagers arms specifically pitchers throw faster and more recklessly it will inevitably become more dangerous.” With this response from Adrain he starts it off by how baseball and specifically high school ball connects to the Torres team it shows how young kids could be in danger. But with Jorge and Abraham’s response, they both agree that baseball has become safer. “I do believe baseball is becoming safer over the years players are using more equipment to keep themselves safe,” says Jorge in his response.

The Baseball Team

Following Abraham’s response he says “I think baseball has become safer now and will continue becoming more safer as years go on. Baseball has started to add more thighs to make sure there are fewer injuries like leg, elbow, and elbow guards followed by sliding mitts and many more. With this, it makes the game way safer and people wouldn’t have to worry about someone hurting something.” What a beautiful response from these people they have told me. With that being said it shows how baseball is big and getting much bigger and how it impacts and shows us how the Torres baseball team connects to us from the students to staff/teachers/coaches to parents and the community and how baseball in general as well connects and is proudly represented and connected to ELARA and mostly as well to Torres High School. 


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