A Day in the Life of a Junior

Meet Soon-to-be Senior Kimberly Viveros
A Day in the Life of a Junior


Kimberly having fun while taking selfies

Kimberly Viveros, a junior at Renaissance Academy, has an interesting life. Kimberly starts her day by doing her daily routine, wakes up, makes her bed, goes into the restroom, brushes her teeth, and then washes her face. She takes a minute or two to decide on what she is going to wear to school. The next step in her morning routine is doing her makeup. How long does it take her? After finishing her routine Kimberly either walks or rushes to the bus stop depending on the time to catch the bus for school.

Junior year is one of the important years in high school because they will be the next seniors of Renaissance Academy and itś important. After all, this is the year colleges look at. As Kimberly is on the bus going to school she is making sure she is aware of her surroundings. Kimberly looks at the time when she arrived at school. If it’s not time to go in, she waits at the store in front of the school. If she is almost late, she doesn’t make any stops, she just goes straight to school. Kimberly understands how attendance matters and how here at Renaissance Academy we have a Mr. Hall who is the attendance guy. Kimberly also has a routine here at school, she goes to her first class, gets her folder, does the warm-up then chats for a bit then if it is time she heads for her second period. As Kim is heading to her second period Ms.Cruz in that class only takes notes. After the two classes, there is nutrition and Kim goes with her friends and maybe gets breakfast and sits at their usual table.

 Since nutrition is over Kimberly’s head for the third period she has to make a stop at her locker to get her algebra book and then head to algebra class. After this class, it is time for the fourth period. Design Art is Kimberly’s favorite class. She made a lot of new friends in this class. This Design class contains mostly juniors and seniors. Kimberly thinks about all the senior friends she has made over the years and she gets sad thinking about them graduating, once they are gone she will be a senior with a lot of responsibility. 

Kimberly sits next to one of the seniors Andy and Kimberly process playing around with Andy in class. Kimberly is ready to head into senior year just afraid of not getting into college.  One of Kimberly’s achievements she has made in Design is this piece she did.

Kimberly’s Art made in Design Class

Now it’s time for lunch Kimberly heads over there to the cafeteria with her 2 friends. Kimberly and her friends decide on if they should get lunch. If they get lunch then they go sit at the table they usually sit at ¨aka the same table from Nitrituion¨. As they are eating their lunch they are also ¨spilling the tea”, and then Kimberly looks at her crush for a little bit and then heads to the senior store to get chips, etc.. After going to the senior store Kimbley and her friends proceed to walk around the lunch area and wait till it’s time to go in.

Now that lunch is over Kimberly heads to her fifth period Ms.Perini one of Elara’s English teachers. In Ms. Pernin’s class, Kimbley does whatever work needs to be done. If Kimberly finishes earlier then she takes a nap since she is done with her work and is caught up. As that class ends Kimberly goes next door to her AP class. Kimberly’s AP class is Spanish with Mr.Ramos. Since it’s an AP class it’s gonna be a lot of work. Kimberly goes into that class expecting to do a lot of work and she makes sure to get it done. So that when she goes home she doesn’t have to worry about that class homework or anything she didn’t finish. 

Now the day is over at 3:45 Kimblerys calls her dad to see if is he gonna pick her up from school. Kimberly would state that sometimes her days are interesting or sometimes they are the same routine.  




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